DJI Phantom 4 FW Update Information -Known Issues – Troubleshooting




This blog post is to give information on the latest firmware releases and information on updating and troubleshooting.
Latest FW version for the Phantom 4

Craft v1.2.503

Remote Controller v1.6

DJI Go v2.8.6 iOS & v2.8.2 Android

Latest DJI release notes  Phantom 4 Downloads Release notes


Important- If you are on fw v1.0.288 or earlier you must update the craft before updating the controller otherwise you will loose connection, v1.1.301 contains a Lightbridge security update and if you update the controller first you will loose the link to the craft, see Troubleshooting below for more info.

V1.1.301 onwards is only compatible with V1.6 controller fw onwards, both must be updated to allow connection.

Updating Craft and Controller via DJI GO
First make sure you have the latest version of DJI go on your device then turn on craft and controller and you should be notified of an update is available


Click on the “Firmware Requires Upgrade” and it will show you the RC Requires Updating at the top, do nothing at this point
Wait a few more seconds and it will pop up with the craft requires an update as well
Click the craft update and it will tell you to return to the main screen, you will see the following
Click update now and download the update
If you find the download keeps pausing make sure your connected via 5.8ghz wifi, if thats not available you may need to turn off your craft and controller at this point as the Lightbridge connection may be interfering with your wifi connection preventing the download.

Once downloaded you will need to connect the Tablet to the craft via the USB cable DJI provided, turn on both the craft and controller, after a short time it will allow you to begin the update

Note this update was silent for me with a craft reboot at 96%, the gimbal may twitch as the update proceeds, all normal.



Once complete turn everything off and then turn on just the controller

Now you will get the RC requires update message on its own this time, Click Download Firmware then update.




Once downloaded and updated you should see RC Upgrade Complete, This part of the rc update again was completely silent for me.


Reboot everything, i got the ‘Cannot Take Off’ error, it then again asked to update the controller, this time the controller updated but with the normal update tones.



Once complete
Rebooted and everything was up to date and working.

Controller FW Downgrade Process

If you update the controller before updating the craft but can’t update the via Assistant 2 for some reason you can downgrade the RC back to V1.580 as follows

Connect the controller to the Tablet and turn on

On the DJI Go home screen press and hold the Academy (little hat) icon in the top RH corner, you will need to hold this for at least 10 seconds and when you release you should get the below screen




This will allow you to select the last FW version and downgrade the controller allowing you to reconnect.

Troubleshooting Updates

No Signal- Flashing Yellow Lights on Craft

If you updated the controller to V1.6 onwards before updating the craft you will no longer be able to connect due to a changes in the encryption between them , you have two options

1: Update the craft to at least v1.1.301 via the DJI Assistant 2 App on PC or Mac then you will be able to reconnect

2: downgrade the RC back to V1.5, See below instirctions on how to downgrade, once downgraded you can update again but update the craft before the controller
If your unable to connect after the update try rebooting the tablet/Phone, if that does not work delete the Go app, reboot the Tablet/Phone and download DJI Go again.

Issue: DJI Assistant 2 App not showing FW screen

Unable to perform vision system calibration or update fw via Assistant 2 app.

Resolution: Ongoing issues for some but try the following

Windows – Make sure you are running DJI Assistant 2 with Administration rights, Make sure drivers are correctly installed

Mac – Make driver packager is installed.

Hopefully will be resolved with update in near future.

Issue: No Update Prompt for Controller

Currently some people are having issues getting the DJI Go App to prompt them to update the latest firmware V1.6. it seems there may be an ongoing issues with DJI servers and it also wont show the current version either and just shows “Unknown”.

Resolution: Try deleting the Go App, rebooting the smart device and then downloading the app again, make sure the device on online by opening your browser and going to a known working website, connect to controller then turn on and open DJI Go and go to camera screen, If prompt does not come leave on sitting there for 15m and see if appears, if not, try rebooting the device a few times.

There have been a number of people unable to resolve this and as posted it seems there may be a server issue at DJI, will Update when resolved.



Blurry Live Feed and Recorded Video – RESOLVED

Affected both live feed and SD card recorded video on all resolutions, Bug was introduces in v1.1.410.


Install FW v1.1.411 or later

DJI GO 2.8.2 IOS Picture Breakup on P4 -RESOLVED

After release is was quickly spotted that people were getting live feed problems at very short range, line, blocking, also its noted that the blue channel bar in the HD screen does not appear to be showing.


DJI Go 2.8.3 or later

Issue: Height drop when coming to a stop in GPS Modes- RESOLVED

When coming off the sticks in GPS mode and Sport mode some people are experiencing the craft loose height buy up to 2-3m, I have also noted just before it comes to a stop the craft acutely increases hight then begins to drop


Firmware v1.2.503 should fully resolve this issue.

Issue: Battery racking around light guide 

The battery latch spring presses hard against the inside wall of the battery cover and it seem some have hound cracks appearing in the battery casing around the light guide

Resolution: I appears there are 2 batteries in circulation, the original with the lightwave that had a even green glow to the lights, a second version where the LED’s are much brighter and you can see the individual diodes thought the light guide when on, it appears that the cracks only are happening gin the first battery mentioned.

Either way contact DJI support to arrange replacement/repair of battery.

Issue:Gimbal Squeak- UPDATE

Some reports of the gimbal give off a chirp when fired up

Resolution: FW v1.1.410 should mostly remove this , Almost all reports of this happened after performing fw update and it went away after that, one or two reports of it happening longer but its not a gimbal fault, likely the motors letting of a little noise as they power up.

No reason to exchange product for this.


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