The YX YXC02 Multi charger for the DJI Phantom 4

The Charger



Design is similar to the Phantom 3 version with the spec listed on the top, Input 100-240v with secondary of 17.5V 12A total, Each output limited to 4A so it is lower than the 100w DJI adapter producing 5.7A but it will charge 3 x Phantom 4 packs at the same time and has the option of doing the controller as well but this is linked to one of the outputs so if used that pack will take longer to charge compared to the other two



The charge connector is a good copy of DJI’s own and fits nicely into the pack and feels no deferent the DJI one at all


Compared to DJI official adapter
After removing the 2 top screws on each side the lid lifts off to revile the main PCB

Its a very similar in layout to the Phantom 3 version, One main HV input thats rectified then sent to 3 independent PSU’s, this means its a true 3 way adapter with 3 independently regulated and current limited outputs, this is imperative when charging multiple DJI packs, The smart circuit in the pack should not be parallel charged like a traditional lipo.
I was very disappointed to see the same lack of earth that was noticed on the original


Although this carries a CE mark this is not legal for sale or use in the EU based on this being missing, Its a shame as its a really nice supply but all is not lost (More on this further on)

Once you remove the bottom 2 screws you can remove the end panels, The PCB slots into the casing and it held in place with some glue in each corner

This can easily be removed with a screwdriver and the PCB will slide out, Note the side with the power socked and fan will remain connected and once loose will just slide with the PCB so you can reveille the underside
Lots more going on in this PSU than meets the eye when you first remove the cover, soldering is fairly tidy compared to some cheap PSU’s I have seen, overall I am happy

Going back to the Missing earth, It is completely unacceptable to have a metal chassis with no earth protection in place unless its double insulated and this is clearly not, If anything went wrong and bridged the gap from PCB to chassis then the whole casing could go live main voltage, It is not something I can recommend is used with out a small modification first

First job is to fit a eyelet terminal to a short piece of wire, 2-3 Inches is easily enough


Once done remove one screw from the IEC socket and remove the paint exposing bare metal


Next solder the wire to the empty centre earth pin and bot in place

Finally reassemble and test the continuity between the earth pin and the screw heads any exposed edged of the chassis, I found I had continuity all around, your looking for a reading of less than 0.3ohm from pin to bare metal

Testing this PSU I compared the static voltages to the original DJI adapter

The Original DJI adapter




As you can see the YX is just short of 0.2v higher than the DJI adapter, I have found all of the DJI adapters to be a little under the rated on all the models, this has caused some issues with the Inspire version of these chargers with Over Charge errors towards the end of the charge cycle however this has not affected the Phantom 3 or 4 version

After some tests I am very happy with this PSU, I found charge time from 50% capacity only a little longer than the Original DJI adapter even though its only 70w compared to DJI’s own 100w adapter, It remains cool in charging and the fan is temperature controlled and whilst you can hear it when its on its not overly noisy. Its small and portable and the wiring are just the right length

This 3 pack adapter is crazy cheap and cost me just under £35 to the door from Banggood, Its build quality is quite impressive and there is a lot going on under the covers for the price, The wires and connectors are solid and of a good quality but I can’t excuse the missing earth for one second, So if your willing to do the modification before use then this is a steel for the price, however if not i cant recommend it

YX sort this earth thing out and you have probably the best value accessory for a DJI product there is.


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