DJI Phantom 3 9450 Carbon Fiber Reinforced Self-tightening Propellers


The DJI Carbon Composite Props are available from DJI DJI Store Carbon Composite PropsDJI Store Carbon Composite Props

My delivery arrived this week from DJI and i had ordered some of the new Carbon Fiber Reinforced Props.


After opening them up the first thing you notice is the finish, its outstanding, just as good if not better than the stock plastic, they also have a nice matte finish. Weight is identical to the plastic props @ 7g each.

After having a good look over them i noticed that they are really stiff compared to the stock plastic prop, whereas the plastic will bend from the tip these are rigid, when you apply enough pressure they will start to deflect but more in the middle of the blade.

Next i checked them on my DUBRO Balancer, they were all very well balanced, no action required.

First Flight 

First these make me really wish DJI would make the P3 in this matte black i think it would look fantastic.

After take off i noticed it sounded different, just a slight change in tone, no louder or quieter in my opinion just different, after some flight time i can say the props make the Phantom 3 slightly sharper, everything is a little more reactive to stick input, it also seems a little quicker reacting to big stick movements as well, after flying a full 2 packs i cant say i saw any change in flight time but i am at sea level so have plenty of air to play with.

Final Thoughts

I really like them, i do think if your flying at altitude they will help give you a bit more time, they are a quality prop and i will be using them as my main prop from now on.





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