Hobbyking MultiStar Deluxe Multirotor Travel Backpack For DJI Phantom And Others


After purchasing my Phantom 3 Pro i needed something to carry it around in, this is my first Phantom so i had nothing to base any opinions on, one of my big gripes with my F450 was how to carry it, at times id resorted to a cardboard box, for my expensive new toy a box was out the question.

So looking around the internet id come across the FEARLESS ENGAGE Backpack , it looked exsacly what i needed but was struggling to get one in the UK, also the fact this thing had been bleeding my dry for the past week i needed to look at cheaper options. After some looking around i found the MultiStar Deluxe Multirotor Travel Backpack on hobby king, whilst on the HK page looking at it i had a box pop up and offer me £3 discount on it so i though hay why not give it a shot, i just need something to carry it in for the moment, as usual with HK it was on next day so it just arrived.

Upon opening the box i was pleasantly surprised, its large and plenty of room ,Overall i was reasonably happy with it, It clear this backpack was designed for the Phantom 2 series and i had modify it to allow the Phantom 3 handset with tablet holder to fit, just 2 minutes with a knife and i was done, These are several placed you can remove foam to do this and i decided on towards the bottom, the RC find is perfect once this is done and leaves plenty of padding all around.


The Phantom 3 in really nicely, it sits almost flush allthough the motor threads do stick up slightly but there is plenty of padding in the top so its nothing to worry about



build quality is good, zips seem strong, time will tell how it will hold up, i did notice there must be a bit of cardboard in the base between the fabric layers between your back and the inside, i does protect the gimbal but if you push hard enough you can deflect it and touch it so something to be aware of.
I had been using this back pack for nearly a year and its been fantastic, whilst it does not offer the protection the hard packs do its an absolutely perfect backpack for everyday use.


Over 12 months later i am still using this backpack now with my Phantom 4, I did have to make a small modification again where the P4 Gimbal guard goes down the sides, just shave a channel down each end, also i widened the battery slots removing the partition between the two


over time i have had one or the foam pieces around the motors come free from the glue but 2 minutes with a hot glue gut and its like new again but overall this backpack has been outstanding .

If you looking for a bag to carry the P3 or P4  around with decent protection you can’t get better, £22 i paid plus carriage.




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