DJI Inspire 1 Controller FW 1.7.40 Release – Important Info

DJI have release a new controller Firmware release for the DJI Inspire 1, V2, Pro and Raw,this update added support  for DJI Focus.

It appears this update is causing some confusion as its behaving differently to other releases. 

The below process should complete the update successfully.

IMPORTANT: If you updating a slave controller change it to master before you attempt to update, there are a number of reports of people getting failed updates when on the slave mode. 

Follow the prompt to update the controller to V1.7.40, if you do not receive the update notification turn everything on including the craft and let it sit on the camera screen for s few minutes and the prompt should popup. 

Once complete you should reboot the controller as prompted 

Once rebooted the controller will turn on with a red status LED may beep, DJI Go may show the this message 

Reboot the controller again and it should now turn on with a green LED.

This should now be done, it’s recommended checking all setting including the stick mode and recalibration, if you find your unable to calibrate the sticks or it’s not functioning correctly try the following. 

 Navigate to the controller settings in the Go App and select stick mode 

Change the stick mode to one of the other  modes, this needs to be one you currently don’t have selected (mode 3) and click Apply, then reboot the controller again, go back in and change it back to your preferred mode (usally mode 2) click apply and reboot one more time. 

Once rebooted go back into the RC settings and then click remote controller calibration and calibrate the sticks, note you also need to calibrate the LH camera pitch wheel as well

You should now be all done and ready to go, if you use duel controllers you will need to set this back up again as before. 


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