DJI Lightbridge 2 New Fw Released 

DJI have pushed out a FW update for LB 2 that adds support for the DJI Focus, this follows a similar release that was made for the Inspire a few days ago, some users have reported issues with the update and it’s necessary to completely reset the Stick Mode settings before use. 

DJI Lightbridge 2 firmware updates are now available: Air System firmware v1.1.40, Ground System firmware v1.1.50. Use DJI Lightbridge 2 Assistant v1.0.5 to update.

What’s New:
1. Updated for DJI Focus compatibility.

2. Updated for Zenmuse Z3 compatibility when used with the Matrice 600.
1. Air System and Ground System must be upgraded before using the DJI Focus.

2. Ground System settings will be reset to defaults following the firmware upgrade, as indicated by a beep. Restart to check settings. 


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