DJI Announcement 1st September ?

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.51.15

DJI have updated their homepage to show “Beyond Smart” Image and 10am Sep 1st at IFA Berlin.

It looks like DJI are set to announce a new product, its very possibly this is rumoured Inspire 2 but also could be something else as well as pictures of a smaller 3S battery have been doing the rounds as well and this would not fit a current product.

What we know about the Inspire 2


Very little, there has been virtually no leaks or sightings of anything, some sites have been speculation on what may come but my feelings are as follwing

Additional Pilot Camera

Front object avoidance with the ability to keep it at the front with 360 Gimbal

Longer Flight time on larger cameras over 20 minutes

possible new standard camera to replace X3 but may not ship with smaller camera at all and an updated X5 as could be the standard with new higher bitrate and codec. 

Lightbridge 2 1080P

LB 2 Controller and SDI output 

New Smart Features not seen currently

Again this is just my speculation and we look forward to seeing what DJI have to help parts with out money.




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