The DJI Mavic Coming Soon

Over the last few moths there have been a number of leaks suggesting something new is Comming from DJI, it’s timing is is no coincidence either with the imminent release of the GoPro Karma, DJI are looking to head off the competition at the start line by introducing a new model to the already extensive lineup.

The first released info on this new DJI drone was battery images, a new 3S pack with a similar connector to the Phantom 4 but unlike anything thats been used before.

Images SB-DJI


Later some images of the craft started to circulate online with what appears to show folding arms , folding props, front mounted avoidance ,the camera/gimbal is in a protective cover for the looks of it.

Notice the front cameras/sensors for object avoidance, the rear arms are inverted so it’s possible they fold around but its more likely they fly inverted.

What I suspect DJI have produced is a small action type drone for filming supports type activities, features like Active Track and Follow Me will give them a good start in this area, the question is it uses a controller or not  and we have yet to see DJI go to full smartphone controls but I think the chances are fairly low of this happening currently and it will most likely use a basic controller with a large amount of app functions like the other products.

It’s almost certain it will use WIFI, I would expect to see a 4K camera and 20 minutes battery life along side features like Active Track, Tapfly and the usual slew of DJI flight modes.

DJI have sent out invited are holding an event on the 27th of September so it won’t be long before we see the details.


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