DJI Mavic Pro – Slight Delay – Updated Now Shipping 

DJI has today started to ship the Mavic to customer , first thing here in the U.K. they sent this message to customers. 

Following from this many customers have received notification that their order has shipped or will ship tomorrow .

This is fantastic news and we should see some being received over the next week as these are sent directly from the DJI Factory, his is usually a 3-5 day trip based on past experience. 

For new ordered DJI are stating shipping before end of November but you still can pre Order the Mavic Pro now from DJI 

The Original Post. 

Today after the 15th has come and gone with very little real updates on shipping DJI have put out the following statement about the Mavic Pro 

While this is a hugh shame it appears this delay is minor and orders should start to ship fairly soon, DJI have been know to have some delays in the passed with the Inspire 1 and OSMO but the P3 and Phantom 4 went like clockwork so I would not be too worried.

Also the wording used in this statement by DJI is interesting, it specifically states that production is in ‘full swing’ so this implies the craft it’s self is in production but as none have shipped as of yet this leaves the possibility for the delay is an accessory such as the PSU, cables or perhaps the battery. 

Since the 15th has come and gone forums and social media have lit up with this so let’s hope DJI can start shipping very soon before things turn too messy. 
My advice to people who have preordered is to sit tight and DJI should get this out the door very soon. 

Pre Order the Mavic Pro now from DJI Her



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