DJI Set to reviel Inspire 2 on 15th ? + Mavic Update released 

DJI are holding a conference on the 15th to possibly release yet more more products, the rumour mill is in full swing with both talk of an Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro.

While there are no official details rumours of new cameras, more Object Avoidance and longer flight times seems to be a real possibility. 
We will be updating this as the release happens and you will be able to order from the DJI Store

DJI have also release FW v01.02.0900 to resolve an number of issues like the RC sticks uncommanded responces, this appears to have been successful and talk of further issues seems to have died down completely. 

The release notes 

Overall this update has resolved most issues people were having, one thing that’s been noticed is since the update the side USB port takes priority over the bottom as as such to use the bottom port the side one has to be completely empty. 

Order the Mavic Pro Now from DJI DJI Mavic Pro


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