DJI Announce the Inspire 2

Today DJI Have announced the Inspire 2

If you wish to support me you can purchase from the DJI Store via the below link, I will receive a small commission on your order at no cost to your self, if not you can just navigate to DJI website your self

DJI Store Pre Order Now

The Inspire 2

2 Years since the original launch today we have the next evolution of DJI’s Professional RTF platform, This completely new model is a complete overhaul from the ground up and while its still a similar form factor and look as the previous generation is a whole new craft. Sporting a new Grey colour its slightly larger than the Inspire 1, it’s fitted with all new propulsion, camera, Power and flight control systems.

The Craft and Power System

The Inspire 2  has all new propulsion system with QR props, it has new duel batteries providing a total of 8560mah capacity for increased flight times, another massive benefit of having duel batteries means there is now new power system redundancy.

Because you now have 2 batteries to charge DJI have included a charging hub as standard, this can charge up to 4 x batteries sequentially/simultaneously.

Onboard Intelligence.

The Inspire 2 is fitted with front, top and bottom object avoidance cameras,this means its able to sense and avoid obstacles unlike any other in this class, This tech was first seen on the Phantom 4 then the Mavic Pro but DJI have taken it one step further adding top and bottom .

Its fitted with a new flight controls system that has duel IMU, Barometer and Compass sensors giving it the same high stability and redundancy we have seen with other recent DJI craft.

Wireless and FPV

For the first time the Inspire 2 is fitted with a dedicated 2 axis fpv camera, camera is located in below the nose and is coupled to DJI’s updated Lightbridge wireless system that was first , this offers up to 1080P low latency digital feed , new Picture and Picture in DJI Go as well as the options for duel ops to choose separate camera views and PIP option.

Having the FPV camera added to the front,top and bottom Object Avoidance means your able to fly and keep the nose forward for avoidance  in the flight direction as all times.


The Main Camera.

DJI have managed to really do something quite special with the Inspire 2, they have basically integrated the an upgraded X5 DNG Micro Four Thirds camera into the craft, 2 new cameras are available, X4 and X5 the camera and gimbal being below as you would expect with the SOC and processing all onboard the craft its self, Its fitted with both Micro SD and an SSD slot at the rear, this means you no longer have to upgrade your camera should you want better footage, you can purchase the Inspire 2 with out SSD and get 60/100mbs to the micro SD card and if you want the benefits of RAW DNG you can later purchase the additional SSD and instantly get DNG Raw capability, this is quite incredible and unlike anything we have seen before, because its the same M43 its compatible with the previous X5 series of lens.

Overall the Inspire 2 is a massive leap forward, its packed with DJI’s latest technology and features, the fact DJI have managed to pack in Object Avoidance, Duel batteries, OcuSync,DNG RAW camera into this is quite incredible.

Priced at £     /$.       The Inspire 2 can be pre ordered now from DJI Store here


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