Inside the DJI Phantom 4 Pro 

SB DJI have opened the doors on the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and given a glimps of the inside, the original articwl is linked at the bottom of this page but below is some info from the teardown.
The camera and Gimbal unit on the P4Pro has a new fan design to get more airflow over the proceeding

Fan close up

Below is the top board of the camera processing, this contains all of the IO and like the P4 still has an internal hidden USB port

On the bottom of this board you can see the SD Card and  external main USB connector.

On the back of he main processing board under shielding and heat sink you can see 1GB of ram cache, this is a large amount of cache memory compared to what DJI have used before.

On the other side of this board is the main camera SOC and processing, you can see large amounts of heat compounds where it meets the heat sinc.

The real big info here is the confirmation of DJI using the H1 SOC, DJI are the first company to use this new processor from Ambarella in volume and very telling they have it over GoPro and others.

Finally although they did not strip the camera it’s self they have managed to dissect some info from the units and have confirmed the camera sensor as the Sony IMX 183 20MP.

Overall gimbal and internal layout similar to the Phantom 4 but DJI have reworked the entire processing setup.

Looking at the rest of the craft we can see the new side IR Sensors, this appears to be 2 high power IR lasers and IR Camera located on the back of the ESC board on each sided this board containes 2 X ESC for either the LH or RH side of the craft.

The Main Processing Board

Avoidance is believed to be handled by the LC1860C + LC1160 , the LC1860 Main CPU is Quad Core 1.5Ghz Arm CPU in green, the red box is the power management chip LC1160.

Yellow box is Samsung flash memory and Orange is Lattice I/O programmable bridging and I/O expansion Unit.

Overall the entire craft has had a complete internal going over because of the new camera , Lightbridge systems, it’s quite impressive to see how much DJI have crammed into this small space around the original P4 core

DJI have got on top of the P4 Pro Shipping and orders are being firfilled with in a few days for many people.

You can Order the Phantom 4 Pro now from DJI on

Order the Phantom 4 Pro Now

Pictures and some info taken from [url][/url]


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