DJI Mavic Pro Focus Change in Go 4.01 Onwards & Shipping News

This week DJI pushed out first of all Go 4.01 shortly followed by 4.02, while the latter was only a minor update to add German language support back the 4.01 was a larger release.

DJI stated the changes were 

What was not mentioned was it also seems to have introduced a new Auto focus to the camera on the Mavic Pro, this new method constantly auto focuses the lens when the aircraft stop moving, while this would be a nice feature to have in stills it’s extremely annoying in video recording as every time you hover the camera refocuses, DJI have also removed the focus lock as well in this mode and while you can tap to focus you can’t simply lock it. 

There is a work around for this by enabling Manual Focus in the menu, once done you can tap to focus then switch to manual and it will keep that focus point with out the automatic refocusing in auto, alternatively using Go 4.0 or Go 3.1 returns you to having the original tap to Focus system with lock.   

Hopefully DJI will resolve this soon and give back the full tap to focus option as before and make this a user selectable method and not automatic. 

Shipping News

DJI appear to have made a massive step this week in shipping and many orders including my own have arrived so am looking forward to getting to grips with it finally. 


You can order the Mavic from DJI Now Order Mavic Pro Now


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