DJI Go 4 – Get Google Maps Back on Android 

DJI recently made a change with Go 4.02 on Android and moved map provider from the default Google Maps to Here Maps. 

Unfortunately many users noticed that the level of detail on Here maps poor in certain areas compared to what Google Maps offered. 

 A workaround that allows you to get Google Maps back  been found and is as follows.  
First of all your Android device needs to be rooted to be able to do this, if you don’t know how to do this on your specific device try looking on XDA Developers Forum for detailed info. 

Once your rooted you need to make sure DJI Go 4 is completely closed in the background then download and install an app called Disable Services from the Play Store 

Once installed open the app and select DJI Go 4 from the list of apps installed on your device 

Then you need find map service Map and remove the tick 

It will request root access and then disable the service, once done close the app and Open DJI Go 4 again. 

When you open it you will get init map error, this can just be ignored.

Proceed to the map screen and you will find you now have Google Maps back.

This will remain with Google Maps until you either update the app and change the setting back. 

As for the reason why DJI moved over to Here Maps it’s currently unknown but this workaround allows users who do fly in the areas Here was poor to get back to where they were before with out using an older version of DJI Go.  


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