Eagle Tree Systems Micro Vector Flight Controller

The Micro Vector Flight Controller & OSD


The Micro Vector brings the feature Eagle Tree are well known for such as integrated OSD and advance sensors options into a much smaller package ideal for race quads or fixed wing with limited space,  Its  approx  38 X 38 X 10 mm with case or 36 x 36 x 7 mm without case and has the usual 30 x 30mm holes for stacking as well.

One of the huge advantages to the Vector unlike almost all the other controller in this size class is the full GPS support, Eagle Tree offer a duel band GPS module for advanced GPS flight modes such as Position Hold, RTH, and Waypoints thats plug and play, it also supports the ET Current sensor as well as being compatible with many others feeding voltage and current data straight into the OSD.

While they have cut down on size they have not cut features and it supports antenna tracking and laptop position display available with  EagleEyes FPV Station as well as all the other accessories including 12V/5V PSU/Current Sensor, Alerter LED/Buzzer, Pitot tube for Airspeed, and InfoPanel LCD Display, UART for telemetry including ET Open Telemetry, DragonLink, and Taranis.

More info on the Micro Vector from Eagle Tree System can be found here


Also here is the Owners thread on RCG


The Package – Flight Controller & Cable Set


Included in the package is a card with all the detail of where to download manuals and software.


Flight Controller with OSD


Main Features

  • Built in OSD with COLOR GRAPHICS and fully customizable screens
  • Programmable video power control: Turn on/off your video camera and/or video transmitter using a radio switch, on arm/disarm, etc.
  • SkyGates Virtual Racing (Experimental Augmented Reality, Optional GPS required)
  • Built in Flight Data Recorder/data logger helps take out the guesswork if something goes wrong
  • Oneshot and Multishot ESC Protocols


32 bit microcontroller with DMA enhanced control loop running at up to 8 kHz, advanced PID and filter tuning from either the GUI, or stick menus at the field, the Micro Vector also fully supports Oneshot and Multishot.


The Micro Vector uses cable sets rather than having directly to the PCB, you can remove wires from the plugs that are not needed and this means you have less chance of damaging the board when soldering and its easily able to be swapped into other frames by just buying spare cable sets.



With Wiring fitted


Internal PCB



Technical Details

Standard 30.5mm mounting hole centers

Supports PWM, SPPM, Spektrum Satellite and S-BUS Receivers supported, with 4 types of RSSI

BLHeli ESC configuration compatible via the µV USB port

Compatible with most PDBs, including those with built in current sensors (or use our PSU)

Multirotor airframes: Racing Quadcopter, Standard Quadcopter, Tricopter, Y6, Hexacopter

Fixed wing airframes: Traditional, Elevon, V-tail

Overall the Micro Vector is an outstanding flight controller, it is fully compatible with all of Eagle Trees accessories making the Micro Vector an solid choice if you looking for an small flight controller for small quads or fixed wing.


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