The Evolution3d DJI Crystalsky Mounting Bracket for Mavic Pro and Spark

A few weeks ago I received the Evolution3D DJI CrystalSky Mavic Pro Mounting Kit, This allows you to mount both the 5.5 Inch and 7.85 Inch DJI Crystalsky devices to the Mavic Pro controller


The first thing you notice out the packet is the bracket is 3d Printed,Evolution3d specialise in designing and selling high quality 3d Printed parts for drones and RC models, printed from PETG means these are very strong and robust, do not let the fact these are 3d printed put you off its clear a lot of time and thought has gone into the design and the printing is some of the cleanest I have seen with no gaps or lamination issues.

The mount accepts both the 7.85 and 5.5″ Crystalsky models and allows you to fit it in 2 positions depending on your preference, has adjustable tilt and is quick and easy to fit allowing to to move the position or take it off with out issues.

The Bracket 

The kit consists of 5 parts, The Base Plate, two mounting hubs and the Crystalsky bracket and thumb screw


You have a mounting plate that screws to the bottom of the CrystalSky with 2 supplied screws, this houses the large thumb screw as well and has a hole for the USB C port access on the bottom of the device


The RC clips into the main back bracket only one way, its east to tell as it has a grove where the RC clips into. it gives two points for mounting as well as a lanyard mounting hole, it clips in easily and remains solid and licked in place even with the heavier 7.85 Crystalsky mounted

Once fitted you just choose to fit either the top support or the bottom one or even both, the two device mounting positions mean you can choose to put it easily where you feel is most comfortable, the bracket also has full tilt movement as well

The first position is above the RC

This puts the CrystalSky at the top above the RC, it does clear the antennas nicely and when I first tried this I thought this would be my preferred option, the only down side is it is too heavy here very much more so with the 7.85″.

The second position is above the sticks

I found the top position with the screen over the sticks was my preferred option especially with the 7.85″ Crystalsky, it balances much better and there is tons of clearance for hands and the antennas are even more clear now, while it does block the LCD it’s not an issues with the go app anyway as all of the information you need is on the devices screen.

Having been using this bracket for over 3 weeks overall I am very impressed, it’s exactly what I was looking for and in continued use it has proven to do exactly as I have asked every time, while it being 3d printed may put some people off I can say this is as well made and stronger than anything else out there.

If your looking to mount the CrystalSky on the Mavic or Spark the go check out and check out what they have to offer.

The Mavic Pro Can be ordered from DJI


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